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Harut Grigoryan

Harut Grigoryan

CEO/CTO at Safan Lab
Armenia, Yerevan


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Upgrading your Safan Projects a 1.1 version

Welcome to Safan Framework. It's a Simple application for all needs.

PHP is the world’s most popular scripting language for many different reasons – flexibility, ease-of-use, among others – but often times coding in PHP, or any language for that matter, can get rather monotonous and repetitive. That’s where a Safan framework can help.

Stability is another big reason developers are utilizing Safan framework. While simplicity is one of PHP’s greatest assets, and the reason many people prefer to use this scripting language, it can also be one of its biggest downfalls. It’s fairly easy, especially for beginners, to write bad code and not even realize it. With PHP the application will often times still work, but unknowingly you may have opened up a large security hole in your coding that may be susceptible to attacks. It’s important to remember that PHP is a very forgiving language, so it’s even more important to make sure to tie up any loose ends in your coding – even if the application seems to be working properly.

Safan it's a modular framework. We have been actively using composer for our project.


The core projects are a Object Relational Mapper (ORM). It's a very simple to use and have many interesting features.


Caching gap ORM data in memcached.


Asset Manager for minifying css and js codes.


Authentication Module via memcached and cookie.


Module for Google Services.